Hybrid and Virtual Remote Learning Daily Attendance Form


Link to Remote Learning Daily Attendance Form

Elementary School Parents/Guardians:

Did you know that we have to keep track of attendance for the students who are learning remotely?

This is quite challenging, but we have a process that we will use for now and it involves parents and guardians completing a single question form every day your child is learning remotely.

In other words, this form should be completed by parents who are indicating whether or not their child has participated in academic work on the days they are working remotely (not in school).

For example, students from Cohort 1 are in school on Monday and Tuesday, and then work remotely from home on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Parents would complete this form on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to indicate participation so the school and mark the student as being present. Conversely, Cohort 2 parents would complete the form on remote days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Note that this process of tracking attendance may change.

Please complete this form each day that your child is learning remotely from home starting Monday, September 14th.

This is a another first attempt at use a form (other than the health screening), so thank you for your patience. We are learning the best ways for you to access and complete the form. More instructions will follow.