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Thank You, Mr. Dugan!

Ryan Dugan has been an influential piece of Clinton Elementary School for over 10 years. Dugan’s position as a classroom aide has impacted the lives of countless students during his time at CCS. Clinton Central School District is excited for Dugan to pursue his passion for fitness training but saddened that his chapter as a “Warrior” will conclude at the end of the calendar year.

In addition to his experience in a school setting, Dugan is also a certified personal trainer and recently began working at the Fitness Mill recently, while completing an inclusive running class. His love for running and working with students intertwined, as students and coworkers assisted Dugan in registering for the New York City Marathon!

Dugan began running in 2015 in order to train for the Boilermaker 15k hosted in 2016. In addition to the Boilermaker, Dugan has completed a total of 30 half marathons around the country, two in Canada, the Syracuse Half Marathon, the Lake Placid Marathon in 2018, several 10 and 15k’s, and the New York City Marathon. Clinton students decided to help Dugan by running and donating their accumulated points to help him meet the number required for entry.

Pursuing his love for running, Dugan’s goal is to participate in a half marathon hosted in every state, including the Canadian provinces, and a marathon on each continent! In addition, he plans to run each of the six world majors’ marathons hosted in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, London, and Tokyo.

Although it’s a bittersweet goodbye, Dugan is looking forward to pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a physical trainer and avid athlete. “One of my favorite things in working at Clinton over the years was sharing my running journeys with coworkers and students and inspiring them with my accomplishments. It's probably the one thing I'll miss most I leave” Dugan states.

The entire Clinton Central School District Community will miss Dugan’s presence at the Elementary School and hearing about his latest marathon. We wish you nothing but success in your next adventure!