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Important Update From Dr. Grimm Regarding Masks

Starting today after school masks are now optional outdoors on school grounds
Dear Parents and Families:

After receiving the official guidance from New York State last evening, we have now been able to act officially and move forward with our decision making related to the wearing of face masks on school property.

Indoors:  Nothing has changed and masks are required at all times when indoors.

Outdoors:  Beginning after school today, June 8, face masks are not required to be worn outdoors on school grounds; however, physical distancing of at least three feet is still required.  

If parents want their children to continue to wear masks when they are outside, please have that discussion with your child and contact your child's teacher if you would like them to be aware of your request. Otherwise, we will assume that your child will determine whether or not they want to wear a mask outdoors.

Now you can see why we wait for official guidance and do not react hastily based on news reports, press conferences, or political pressure. There are channels of authority and guidance by which we operate to ensure that we are following the law, regulations, and policies that also help ensure proper communication to, and the safety of, all of our stakeholders.


Dr. Grimm