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Join Scouts!

Dear Families,


With COVID waning, it's a great time for boys and girls to join Scouts, get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Our children, Karson and Sarah, were Cub Scouts and are now Scouts. Scouts BSA is for children 10 ½ (having completed 5th grade) through 17 years old and Cub Scouts is for Kindergarten through 5th grade. During the past year, our Troop had 6 scouts become Eagle Scouts, the highest designation.


Through Scouts, kids grow and learn useful skills they can take with them wherever they go. Children entering into 6th grade are at a particularly great point to join since it’s the beginning of Middle School and the start of Scouts, instead of Cub Scouts. In Scouts, the older Scouts teach the younger Scouts. This is not only more engaging for the younger Scouts, but it helps teach the older Scouts communication and leadership skills.


Scouts also learn things well beyond the walls of the classroom: how to identify trees, what to bring camping, how to use a map and compass, flag etiquette, to name a few.  We find ourselves frequently saying, "where else would they learn this?”  In addition, Scouts take multi day trips to places such as Gettysburg, Washington, DC and Niagara Falls.  And then there's camp.....Wow, so many great things to learn there. Karson loved trying archery and BMX bike riding.  The climbing wall and waterfront were also favorite activities. 


It’s not too late to join us for summer activities in the great outdoors including camp!  Come to the next meeting June 9 (at 6:30) and/or join the picnic and Court of Honor on June 16 at 6:00 p.m.  We will be at St. Thomas Church 150 Clinton Rd (12B). Or visit our website,


We will have a Welcome Meeting in the fall. To stay in touch about this or to learn more, call or text Kim (Karson’s mother) at 206-276-2961 or Louisa (Sarah’s mother) at 917-951-8751.