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Community Input Needed for KPD Survey

Dear Clinton Families, Students, and Community:

The Clinton schools are partnering with the Town of Kirkland to gather input required by New York State related to the Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative. There is a survey link below that will help gather your feedback to assist the Town of Kirkland in developing the required plan.

General Information

Excerpt from a letter from the Governor

"Each community must envision for itself the appropriate role of the police.  Policies must be developed to allow the police to do their jobs to protect the public and these policies must meet with the local communities' acceptance.

"Collaborative" is the key word.  It would be a mistake to frame these discussions as an adversarial process or an effort to impose top-down solutions.  Issues must be aired but solutions must be crafted.  The collaborative process should:

  • Review the needs of the community served by its police agency, and evaluate the department's current policies and practices;
  • Establish policies that allow police to effectively and safely perform their duties;
  • Involve the entire community in the discussion;
  • Develop policy recommendations resulting from this review;
  • Offer a plan for public comment;
  • Present the plan to the local legislative body to ratify or adopt it, and;
  • Certify adoption of the plan to the State Budget Director on or before April 1, 2021."

Full Letter from the Governor
Police Reform Workbook

Kirkland Police Survey Link

Please complete this survey by February 28, 2021.

Thank you!
Dr. Grimm