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Remote Instruction Extended

Dear Clinton Families and Staff:
I thank you for your continued support and patience during the trying times of this pandemic and the remote learning model that was initiated in mid-December. After much deliberation and consideration of input from many sources, I have decided to continue with the remote learning model through February 12th.
We continue to experience a number of COVID positive cases among students and families in each of the buildings, and among our faculty and staff. I am concerned not only for the safety of our students and staff but also for potential additional disruptions in the continuity of our program should we have additional cases after an early return and have to close again.
I also believe that our students and teachers have been improving their learning and teaching while in a consistent learning model and know that we can persist through an additional couple of weeks successfully.
I believe, and hope, that with our return after the February break, starting back to in-person hybrid learning on February 22nd, we will be able to remain open without interruption and begin to increase the number of students on campus as soon as possible. Many of our teachers and staff have already been vaccinated and we are developing the capacity to administer our own COVID tests for staff and students as appropriate, which will help us remain open throughout the spring.
It is my goal to have all students back on campus five days a week this school year, and I believe that it may be possible at some point in the early spring. I will be reaching out to parents and staff soon for ideas and support to help make this happen.
I know that remote learning poses so many challenges for our families and students, especially in the elementary school, and that is what has made this decision so difficult. If you or your child are struggling in any way, please reach out to us so that we can help you.
Please take care and be well,
Dr. Grimm