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Santoli Award for Kindness Fall Winners Chosen

Recently, the winners for the first semester were awarded the Frank Santoli Award for Kindness.  This award was initiated by Frank Santoli’s wife, Mrs. Genevieve Santoli during the 2015-2016 school year.  Mr. Frank A. Santoli was a science teacher at Clinton Middle School from 1968 -1986.  He was beloved by his students and inspirational to many.  Mr. Santoli believed in celebrating his students’ passions and changing his community and world through small, genuine acts of kindness. This award validates Frank Santoli’s legacy and is evidence of the Positivity Project’s mission of character development among all Clinton students.  

Due to strength of character, good citizenship, and kindness exhibited on a daily basis,the following students were chosen based on faculty nominations.  In the Elementary school,Emily Roy was selected. Arianna Febus was the recipient in the Middle School and Megan Gromo was chosen in the High School. Each student will receive a $50 award to use towards a service project of their choice.  They will be honored at a ceremony and butterfly release ceremony in May where they will report out on their projects. 

Honorable mentions include Joseph Bonomo, Scarlett-Skye Stanton, Madison Steates, Sabina Rodriguez-Plate, Cassandra Whitfield, Hannah Miller, Montell Scott Jr., Claire Barone, Ben Joseph and Peyton DeAngelo.