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Opening of School: New Faces, Sad Good-byes

We congratulate retirees Christina Buschmann, Clark Heburn, Wendy Karuzas, Diane Lupinski, Jamie Madden, and Nancy Zegarelli. Additional staff members leaving CCS to be closer to home or to advance their career include Jennifer Labella, Andrew Roberts, Mikki Smith, Carly Schwarzkopf, Corey Snitchler and Alicia Walker. Thank you for your many years of service to the students and community of CCS.
New Teachers

New Teachers & Staff

We are excited to introduce some new faces and welcome back some returning members serving in new capacities to our school community.  A warm welcome to our faculty and staff members:

Heather Cirelli, grade 5 long-term substitute teacher
Ashley Heroux, kindergarten long-term substitute teacher
Erin Higgins, grade 5 teacher
Kayla Mercer, grade 4 teacher
Erin Metzler, grade 5 teacher
Susan Pinto, teacher assistant
Christina Digristina, middle school physical education teacher
Frank Aurigema, high school earth science teacher
Nicole Goodelle, high school social studies teacher
Nicholas Jeror, high school social studies teacher
Travis Owens, high school technology teacher
Nathaniel Simson, high school physics teacher
Melissa Roy, high school teacher assistant
Janelle Conklin, district string teacher
Jennifer Mitchell, middle school nurse

Additional itinerant part time staff through BOCES include:

Deb Gutowski, middle school music teacher
Amy George, high school/middle school social worker
Dominick Stewart, elementary school social worker

Non-instructional staff:
Jennifer Kelly, account/payroll clerk
Angela Thieme, account clerk
Martha Devine, high school/middle school attendance clerk

We also welcome re-elected Board of Education members Mary Lou Lauchert and Erica Shaw. Thank you for your willingness to serve the CCS community for another three year term.