The Kirkland Fellowship is given to teachers in the Clinton Central School District with at least five years of teaching experience  who seek to improve the effectiveness of their teaching to all students and to contribute to the advancement of teaching in our public schools. Applicants are reviewed by a five member selection committee involving representatives from the district, Hamilton College, and the Hayes and/or Couper family.


    The award may be used to attend a school, institute, workshop or training program to stay current of new developments in a particular field, to increase knowledge of a certain subject matter, for original research with intent to publish or to learn new teaching methodologies. The award may also be used for independent study or the implementation of a special project or curriculum not underwritten by an annual school district budget. It is hoped that there will be ample opportunity for teachers to benefit from the interaction and exchange of ideas with other professionals.


    The expectation is that the effects of the Fellowship experience would include refreshment and rejuvenation for the recipient as well as identifiable benefits for students in the classroom deriving from stimulus provided by the teacher.