Overview of Process


    The Clinton Central School District underwent an external strategic analysis from December, 2013 through March, 2014.  The intent was to identify district strengths, and areas for improvement regarding staff, process, and outcomes. The district contracted with an outside consultant, Dr. Kevin Baughman & Associates, to conduct the analysis and utilizing the results, develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the district.  The multi-year strategic plan covers the period from 2014-2020 and is called Vision 2020.  Data was collected and analyzed from:

    • school district documents

    • New York State student performance results

    • objective independent observations

    • classroom walk-through observations 

    • over 55 small group interviews and focus groups

    • a community forum

    • on-line surveys (instructional staff, students, parents, and community members) 

    • leadership and Board of Education workshops

    • review of APPR narratives

    • review of Rubicon Atlas mapping software

    Through the review and analysis of data, patterns, gaps and early recommendations were generated by the external consultant review team.  Known as the PA-GER list (Patterns, Gaps, and Early Recommendations), these recommendations and early observations required validation.  Validation occurred through discussions with the leadership team, the Board of Education, and four external surveys of parents, teachers, community and students.

    This document is the Comprehensive Strategic Plan.   The thorough review process produced a large quantity of validated recommendations, as well as observations and findings.  The action items were therefore divided into two distinct sections:  Part 1: Comprehensive Strategic Plan; and Part 2: Companion to the Strategic Plan.   

    Vision 2020: Comprehensive Strategic Plan

    prepared by Drs. Kevin Baughman and Deborah Shea