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    Welcome to the Clinton Central School District Foundation's website! 


    Founded in 1991,  the mission of the Clinton Central School District Foundation is to promote and support excellence in education in the Clinton Central School System.  The Foundation's basic premise is that there is no more important gift we can give to our students and to our society than a high quality educational program. 
    The Foundation will provide additional resources to the Clinton Central School District in collaboration with School Administration and the Board of Education to support programs that would be beyond the scope of the annual operating budget of the school system.

    Contributions can be sent directly to the Foundation at the address below or by clicking on the DONATE button.

    Clinton Central School District Foundation
    75 Chenango Avenue
    PO Box 215
    Clinton, NY 13323-0215


    The Clinton Central School District Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization. The value of your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by state and federal law.



  •  Annual Fund Campaign Update! 

    For the past 30 years, the Foundation has provided the school with much needed financial support for purchases that have enhanced our programs and student education.  Our gifts to the school have continued and grown because of the consistent and generous support of our donors.  Pursuant to our mission, the Foundation continued to assist the school throughout the uncertain 20-21 and 21-22 school years.

    We are thrilled to resume our annual giving plan and share other opportunies for the community to participate in our children's future.  You may use the information found on this website, where you will also find the annual stewardship report.

  • Special Electronic Donation Instructions

    Please be sure to include where you want your funds appropriated to by typing in the "Add a Note" section for PayPal or the "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" section for Credit Cards.

    For example, type one of the following in the appropriate section:

    1. Annual Fund Drive/General
    2. Brick Garden
    3. Scholarship
    4. CCS September 11th Memorial Fund
    5. Other- please specify