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Counseling Office

The School Counseling Mission Statement

The Clinton Central School District is committed to excellence in education. 

As a School Counseling Department, we offer all students equal opportunity to a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate School Counseling Program.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for students through individual planning, responsive services, transitional services, community outreach, and the school counseling curriculum.  The Counseling Department delivers these services by:

  • Offering ongoing services to students including short and long term planning in the four core areas of academic, career, personal, and social development.  The counseling department promotes self-advocacy and strengthening life skills.
  • Providing services based on the immediate needs of students including areas of grief, bullying, crisis, and conflict resolution.  Student Review Teams at both the high school and middle school level meet to address specific needs of students.  The Crisis Response Team meets as a district on a regular basis to be best prepared in the event of a crisis.
  • Delivering services to groups by pushing into classrooms or coordinating grade/school wide activities.
  • Assisting students as they transition across grade levels and advising students in post-secondary planning.
  • Providing ongoing support and information to the school community based on student needs.    

Clinton School Counselors’ Philosophy

The Clinton Central School Counselors’ goal is to support students as they strive to reach their academic potential while navigating through their high school career.  We will help foster student development by providing personal and academic counseling as they mature throughout their educational experience.  Counselors will consult with parents, teachers, administrators and professionals within the community, to make collaborative decisions, keeping the best interest of the student in mind. 

By creating a supportive environment, it is our goal to ensure a successful transition for our students across all grade levels.  Students enrolled in grades 6-12 will have opportunities to explore a variety of career areas that will assist in post-secondary planning.  Different assessments will be administered to raise awareness of students’ achievement, ability and career interests.  In addition, both the high school and middle school level incorporate career/ college planning into the curriculum.  As graduation nears, students will develop and discuss post-secondary options with their counselors. 

Counselors will guide students through individual planning so that by the end of high school, they are college or career ready.  Our partnerships with families and the school community, promotes an environment that will ensure post high school success.  


Mrs. Danielle Tesak
Middle School Counselor
(315) 557-2249
Fax: (315) 557-2216

High School Counseling Office
(315) 557-2235
Mrs. Jackie Snizek
Mrs. Kelly Zegarelli