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Request for Funds

Procedure for Requesting Program Funding from the PTA

  1. The funds request form must be submitted to the PTA President(s) two weeks prior to a scheduled PTA meeting
  2. All written requests for the upcoming year must be to the PTA President(s) by March 1 so a decision can be reached before open meeting in May. At this time we will present our goals and programs for the upcoming year.
  3. The request must be for a non-budgeted program or item
  4. The request must directly affect the children in the Clinton Central School district.
  5. Priority will be given to those teachers/parents/administrators who support the mission of PTA through membership.

Original to: PTA President(s) or email to
Copy to: Principal in your school

Click here for the Request for Funds form. 


The PTA Facebook page is administered by the PTA. Information and updates pertaining to the school district, sports events & activities and the community can be posted or shared by the PTA. If you would like to share information pertaining to the CCS district, please email details to

PTA Expense Reporting Guide and Form 

When You Make Your Purchases
Please be sure you have a Tax-Exempt Certificate to use for all PTA purchases, as taxes paid cannot be reimbursed. Tax-Exempt Certificates are available from the school offices. If you plan to make purchases for your personal use at the same store, please set those items apart and pay for them in a separate transaction.  Save your original, itemized receipt. Credit card receipts that only show the total amount charged, without detailing items purchased or taxes paid, cannot be accepted.  Unused items should be returned to the place of purchase for a refund before submitting for reimbursement.

Getting Reimbursed for Your Purchases
Please click here for the Clinton Central School PTA Expense Report form.  

Please complete the expense report and submit for reimbursement within 30 days of the event.
Please submit all expense forms in hard-copy with original, itemized receipts to the school offices in an envelope, addressed to "PTA Treasurer".
Be sure to make a photocopy of your signed expense report and receipts for your records.

If you have any questions, contact us at