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Alumni Donations

Class of 1970 Tree Donation

The CCS Class of 1970 held their 50 year reunion August 6th - August 8th, 2021. Our weekend celebration was an amazing success of fun and bringing friends together who have not seen each other since graduating 51 years ago.  

Approximately 60 classmates were in attendance.    

Saturday morning embraced us in brilliant sunshine as we visited the Brick Garden at the top of the hill across from Clinton Elementary School. Classmates filled with memories of classes held outside on the grass area, back in the day, found a new appreciation and mindfulness of how precious our school memories were to us and how the Brick Garden filled us all with quiet thoughts of the many classmates that were remembered. 

Promises we made to each other were to have another reunion, before another 50 years went by and to mark our special occasion by making a donation to the Brick Garden that might inspire others in the future to appreciate and love this very special school and memorial.  We were able to provide the Foundation with funds to purchase the two Pin Oak trees pictured here and a plaque remembering our Class of 1970.     Paula Urbanke  Class of 1970