Directions on how to sign up for workshops conducted at

    CCS Community Fitness Center:  (Community& non-community welcome)


    1. We are asking that our workshop participants sign up through BOCES for workshops by clicking on the workshop enrollment link below.
    2. You can register on-line via credit card.  Under course search scroll down to facility and click on the down arrow.  Click on Clinton.  You do not need to fill anything else in.  And then click search.  All the classes offered will be displayed.
    3. Or you can call to register for workshops with BOCES at 793-8696.
    4. To use a debit card call BOCES.
    5. Participants will be able to sign up for workshops all the way through January.
    6. A participant can still purchase a fill in card for $40 good for five classes of their choice and/or a one time pass for $10 at the fitness center.  Checks will be made out to MO BOCES.  Registrations for these two options will be done at the Fitness Center.
    7. Check MO BOCES web site for up to date schedules, additions, etc.

     Workshop Registration Link