• Miss Arcuri’s Kindergarten

    Clinton Central School Supply List 2014-2015


    1 backpack (normal sized- not small)

    1 sturdy plastic 8x5 pencil box/case

    1 box of 10-12 plain yellow, #2 pencils

    2 large pink erasers (no pencil top erasers)            

    2 boxes of 8 basic color Crayola crayons (they have the truest colors)

    12 Large solid Elmer’s glue sticks (they work the best)

    2 folders with two pockets (plastic ones work best)

    1 box of tissues


    1 box of gallon-sized ONE ZIP CLIP (not double zipper) Hefty or Ziploc bags

    1 package of 3 Expo dry-erase FINE POINT markers

    1 complete change of clothes (please label your child’s clothing)


    ****Pencils that have designs and/or pictures plug our pencil sharpeners. Please refrain from purchasing them.

    ****Please do not send pencil sharpeners. They create problems with paying attention and messes on the floor. Paper and notebooks are not needed. We use special lined paper.


    If we start running low on supplies during the year there will be a message sent home in the newsletter. Thanks!