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    December 18, 2018

    Annotated by Dr. Grimm, Superintendent




    Clinton Central School proudly educates and empowers students to realize their potential and become thoughtful, contributing members of society.


    The Board encourages public participation on school related matters at Board meetings.  To allow for this, a period of not more than 30 minutes shall be set aside at each Board meeting.  Speakers shall limit their comments to no more than 5 minutes.  The Board will not permit, in public session, discussion involving District personnel or students.  All speakers are to conduct themselves in a civil manner.  Questions and comments from the public concerning matters which are not on the agenda will be taken under consideration and referred to the Superintendent for appropriate action.  If the Board considers a topic extraordinary and requires a discussion taking longer than 30 minutes, the Board will consider designating a separate forum dedicated to that topic.



    A. Bright Spots – Dr. Stephen Grimm

    - Recognition of Upstanders

    The Rachel's Warrior Club helps to make the Clinton Middle School a safer and more connected building, where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect.  Throughout the year, the club recognizes student Upstanders for their positive character and kindness.  We will also get a chance to hear about the wonderful things the club is doing in our school.

    - Administrators Reports

    This is our opportunity to hear about "Bright Spots" that have been happening in our schools and programs as presented briefly by our principals and directors.

    - Other

    B. Superintendent’s Report

    - Technology Plan

    The State Education Department requires each school district to submit a technology plan for approval. This plan also needs to be approved by the Board of Education. With regard to this particular plan, we have waited until we received State approval before asking for Board of Education approval. The first draft of the Technology Plan was presented at the September board meeting, and after receiving recommendations from the State, we made a few changes and it was subsequently approved by the State. We will briefly identify the changes and be asking the Board to approve the final state-approved plan at the January board meeting.  The plan was originally developed with input from the District Technology Committee last spring, and again at the beginning of the school year.

    - Capital Project Update

    After receiving approval of our capital project from the the State in November, the wheels are in motion for implementing our 2018 Capital Project. We will hear information regarding implementation, which involves professional contractors reviewing the bid proposals and submitting their bids for the actual work, which could commence as soon as mid- to late-January.  

    Links for more information: 2018 Capital Project Web Page, Capital Project Work Phasing Chart

    - Athletic Event Supervision

    We have been using employees to assist with the supervision of athletic events for the past couple of years under the category of "chaperones", which is listed as an extra duty assignment in the teacher's contract.  Non teacher union members can also perform the function, but need to be approved separately by the Board of Education in order to authorize them to be paid.  We would like to create this position in order to give more responsibility for safety, set up, and other event related duties than would normally be assigned to a chaperone. In addition, through a site supervisor who is AED/CPR certified at our events, we ensure that there is someone, in addition to coaches, that meets the requirements for having such a certified person at all school events. Here is a brief description of the duty, followed by a link to a draft proposal:


    The primary function of persons assigned to be an Athletic Site Supervisor for a particular event is to act as a resource person and onsite event facilitator for coaches, trainers, EMTs, officials, athletes, parents and spectators at home athletic contests.  Different people will be used throughout the year to cover the many events. Athletic Site Supervisor Proposal.pdf

    - Budget Presentation

    I will present an overview of what I refer to as the Budget Communications Cycle, which is a process by which we will communicate among the different stakeholder groups within the district as we develop the financial plan that will support our educational plan. 

    - Other


    The items in this section consist mostly of financial items and special education matters that are received on a regular basis, and can be acted upon in a single motion.

    Approval of the following items:

    A. Agenda and Any Additions to the Agenda for December 18, 2018                

    B. Minutes from the Regular Meeting held on November 13, 2018   Minutes for 11/13/18

    C. Internal Claims Auditor Report   Internal Claims Auditor Report

    D. Summary Treasurer’s Report for October 2018   Summary Treasurer's Report for October 2018

    E. Summary Treasurer’s Report for November 2018   Summary Treasurer's Report for November 2018 

    F. Treasurer’s Report for October 2018   Treasurer's Report for October 2018

    G. Treasurer’s Report for November 2018   Treasurer's Report for November 2018

    H. Executive Summary for October 2018   Executive Summary for October 2018

    I.  Executive Summary for November 2018   Executive Summary for November 2018

    J.  Revenues/expenditures by Month   Revenues/expenditures by Month

    K. Extra-classroom Treasurer’s report for October 2018   Extra-classroom Treasurer's Report for October 2018

    L.  Extra-classroom Treasurer’s Report for November 2018   Extra-classroom Treasurer's report for November 2018

    M. Committee on Preschool Special Education and Committee on Special Education (CSE) Report:  (Exhibit #12)

    Initial Review 3
    Program Review 6
    Annual Review 0
    Reevaluation (Triennial) 0
    Administrative Transfer 1
    Preschool 2
    504 Review 1
    504 Initial  1
    Amendment w/o Meeting Held 3

    N. Updated List of Substitute and Supervisory Personnel   (Exhibit #13)

    In order for someone to be employed by the district, they need to be approved by the Board of Education.  Most have contracts either collectively or individually; however, there are other cases.  This master list allows the Board to see the many different people that are approved, mostly as substitutes, chaperones, and EMTs etc., and it gets updated from time to time.


    A.  Committees

    Board members serve on committees, or are liaisons to groups, in addition the regular board service.  This is an opportunity for board members to share information related to the committees on which they serve or the group to which they are assigned.

    1. Facilities Committee – Erica Shaw

    2. Policy Committee – Tim Thomas

    B. Liaisons

    1. CCSD Foundation – Luke Perry


    The policy committee meets on the regular basis and reviews existing policies and updated that are needed due to changes in laws and regulations. There is detailed information regarding any recommendation and there is also an input form for anyone that would like to make comments regarding any of the recommendations. Comments can also be made at a board meetings. Here is a link to the Policy Committee Web Page

    A. Policy (second reading and adoption)

    1. BE IT RESOLVED that draft revised policy #2160, School District Officer and Employee Code of Ethics, be adopted.   Draft Policy 2160

        NOTE: This is the second reading and adoption.

     2. BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #2330, Executive Sessions, be adopted.   Draft Policy 2330

         NOTE: This is the second reading and adoption.

    3.  BE IT RESOLVED that draft revised policy #6240, Investments, be adopted.   Draft Policy 6240

         NOTE: This is the second reading and adoption.

    B. Policy (first reading and adoption)

    1.  BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #0110, Sexual Harassment, be adopted.   Draft Policy 0110 

         NOTE: This is the first reading and adoption.

    C. Policy (first reading)

    1. BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #4770, Graduation Requirements, be adopted.   Draft Policy 4770

        NOTE: This is the first reading.

    2. BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #4772, Graduation Ceremonies, be adopted.   Draft Policy 4772

        NOTE: This is the first reading.

    3. BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #4773, Diploma and Credential Options, be adopted.  Draft Policy 4773

        NOTE: This is the first reading.

    4.  BE IT RESOLVED that draft policy #6700, Purchasing, be adopted.  Draft Policy 6700

         NOTE: This is the first reading


    WHEREAS the Education Law provides that the tax collector shall be relieved of responsibility for the uncollected portion of the tax list when a complete list of the delinquent tax items have been certified to the Board of Education and since the collector has affixed his affidavit to such statement and has filed a statement accounting for the handling of the tax warrant and list as follows:   Uncollected Tax Reports

              TOTAL TAXES
    Marshall $9,134,800.00 $36.95 $276,960.20 $272,044.03 $4,916.17
    Paris $705,552.00 $26.51 $12,996.85 $10,569.74 $2,427.11
    Vernon $1,799,294.00 $33.18 $52,263.83 $52,097.94 $165.89
    Westmoreland $16,846,445.00 $38.71 $564,658.63 $484,725.59 $79,933.04
    Kirkland $481,727,455.00 $40.64 $11,169,371.08 $10,691,698.04 $477,673.04
    New Hartford $45,816,895.00 $31.43 $964,514.79 $961,097.64 $3,417.15
    Whitestown $959,935.00 $37.23 $30,174.86 $30,174.86 $0.00
    TOTAL $557,000,376.00   $13,070,940.24 $12,502,407.84 $568,532.40

    E. BE IT RESOLVED, that the following tax bill revisions be approved:   Tax Bill Revisions

    At times, adjustments are made to the taxes for property owners.

    Mary Goodson, Tax map #327.003-1-38, an adjustment of $725
    Mary Bohling, Tax map #348.002-1-43, an adjustment of $726 

    F.  BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, in accordance with Board Policy #6150, the attached 2018-2019 line item budget transfers, be approved.     

    Budget code transfers more than $5,000 need to be approved by the Board of Education.                       

    Description Account Code Increase Decrease Reason
    Operations Contractual A1620.400.00 $26,000   To pay for
    Operations - Fuel A1620.420.00   $13,000 emergency boiler
    Operations - Electricity A1620.430.00   $13,000 repairs
    Guidance Instructional Salary A2810.150.00 $46,000   Reclassify ES Social Worker
    Social Worker Instructional  A2825.150.00   $46,000 salary to Guidance salary.

    9. OTHER


    We have added the Athletic Director to this list of employees who are authorized to have district-issued cell phone.  This is normally acted upon in the summer at the reorganization meeting in July.  Our new Athletic Director is starting next month and we want him to have smart phone.  The previous Athletic Director did not have a district-issued cell phone.

    BE IT RESOLVED, that cell phones may be issued to people in the following positions:

    Assistant Superintendent for Business
    Building Administrators
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Head Custodian
    Maintenance Department
    Bus Dispatcher
    Bus Drivers - for emergency use on extra driving trips
    Theatre Manager
    Coordinator of Athletics and Communication

    The following resolution is needed because we needed to make repairs to our boilers which provide energy and heat for our buildings.  Because of the significant cost, we need to declare there was an emergency in order to not be required to follow a bidding process for the work.

    B. WHEREAS, the District’s procurement of goods and services in emergency situations is exempt from competitive bidding under General Municipal Law §103(4), which defines a public emergency as arising out of an accident or other unforeseen occurrence or condition whereby circumstances affecting public buildings, public property or the life, health, safety or property of the children or staff  of the District require immediate action which cannot await competitive bidding; and

    WHEREAS, the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Business duly determined that such a public emergency existed due to the failure of boilers #1(transducer motor failure), #2 and #3(air fuel valve failure), and #4 (control panel circuit board failure) located at the Middle School/High School on or about October 22, 2018;

    NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Education recognizes the determination of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent that a public emergency necessitating an exception to the competitive bidding requirements of the General Municipal Law existed, as described herein; and

    THEREBY RESOLVES that the procurement means utilized by the District in this public emergency included efforts to obtain such goods and services through verbal price quotes or other such practicable means.



    Such sessions are usually held at the end of the meeting; however, there are a few items that the board will be briefed on in private before they act. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes.


    A. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the unpaid leave for Sarah Saunders on November 1, 2018 and November 2, 2018, be approved.  (Exhibit #25)

    B. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the appointment of Jill Huggins to the position of long-term substitute teacher in the special education tenure area, to be compensated at step 1BA, in accordance with the current CTA agreement, beginning November 26, 2018 through January 28, 2019, be approved.  (Exhibit #26)

    NOTE: Ms. Huggins will be fulfilling the duties of Michelle Taranto who is on family care leave.    

    C. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the unpaid administrative internship for Edward Waskiewicz, under the supervision of middle school principal Dr. Shaun Carney and Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm, from December 2, 2018 through June 29, 2019, be approved.  (Exhibit #27)                                                       

    D. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the following placement be approved:  (Exhibit #28)

    1. Matthew Crumrine, field work under the supervision of elementary teacher Tracy Abrams.

    E. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Athletic Director, the following coaching appointments for the 2018-2019 school year, to be compensated in accordance with Article 14 of the CTA contract or other agreements/understandings between the District and CTA, be approved.  (Exhibit #29) 

    Rocco  Bouse Boys Varsity Baseball Head Coach $3,207.76
    Frank  Williams Boys JV Baseball Coach $2,596.14
    Bill Owens Boys Varsity Golf Head Coach $3,164.52
    Mike Hoover Boys Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach $3,334.64
    Chris Evans Girls Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach $4,365.36
    Tom  Owens Girls Varsity Lacrosse Volunteer $0.00
    Christina  Digristina Girls Modified Lacrosse Coach  $2,084.15
    Elaine Hogan Girls Varisity Softball Head Coach $3,207.76
    Thad Lawrence Girls Softball Volunteer $0.00
    Jacqueline Fort Girls JV Softball Coach $2,405.85
    Peter Smith Boys Varsity Tennis Head Coach $3,334.64
    Norm Deep Co-ed Varsity Track & Field Head Coach $4,955.36
    Arthur McKinnon Co-ed   Varisty Track & Field Asst. Coach $2,500.98
    Nicholas Jeror Co-ed   Varsity Track & Field Asst. Coach $2,500.98

    F. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the following musical accompanists for the 2018-2019 school year to be compensated in a total amount not to exceed the budgeted amount of $2000, be approved.

    Karen Corigliano, Jane Beck, Jessica Decker, Bob Ford, Jesse Sproll, Kathy Wyraz, Bonnie Hibbard, John Krause, Mark Bunce, Kathy Austin and Fiona Peters

    G. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the resignation of Sarah Smith from the position of teacher in the elementary tenure area, effective December 31, 2018, be accepted with regret.  (Exhibit #30)

    H. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, and Sabbatical Committee convened as per the CTA contract, Jennifer Waligory-Lee be granted a sabbatical leave of absence (alternative project), subject to the conditions of the current CTA agreement and pending negotiation of a satisfactory Memorandum of Agreement.  (Exhibit #31)

    Additional Item for Approval 12/18/18

    I. BE IT RESOLVED that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, the appointment of Jessica Shelley to the position of long-term substitute teacher in the elementary tenure area, to be compensated at step 2MA, in accordance with the current CTA agreement, beginning January 4, 2019 through April 1, 2019 or until such time that a permanent replacement is determined, be approved.  (Exhibit #32)




    Date Event Time and Location
    December 20, 2018 High School Art Show  6:00pm, High School Art Rooms
    Dec. 24 - Jan. 2 Winter Recess  
    December 7, 2018 Modified Basketball Begins  
    January 4, 2018 Board Development Workshop, Part 2 5:30pm
    January 9, 2018 Sports Boosters Meeting 7:00pm. Secondary Media Center
      Junior High All-county Auditions Westmoreland CSD
    January 11, 2018 Middle School Masquerade Dance 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    January 16, 2018 CCSD Foundation Meeting 6:30pm, Secondary Media Center
    January 21, 2018 Martin Luther King Day School Closed
    January 22, 2018 Board of Educaiton Meeting 5:30pm, Secondary Media Center
    Jan. 22-25, 2018 Regents Exams  
    January 26, 2018 Science Olympiad at LeMoyne