• Clinton Central School PTA Farm to School


    Farm To School


    Our Mission Statement

    "To increase access to local plant-based food and nutrition education while building a strong foundation of local support."

    Our Objectives

    • To provide our students and school community with the knowledge to make food choices that will improve their health.
    • To increase plant-based food choices in the cafeteria to both protect the environment and improve the health of our students and school community.
    • To strengthen our local farm economy by connecting the farm community with our school.
    • To bring composting to our school cafeterias, turning the food waste back to soil, completing the plant-based food cycle.

    Goals for the 2018-2019 School Year

    • Help Promote Harvest of the Month menu item by serving samples
    • Switch from plastic to metal silverware in the cafeteria
    • Reduce the use of straws in the cafeteria
    • Begin composting some of the food waste in the cafeteria

    Harvest of the month Sample Program

    The CCS PTA Farm to School Committee, working with OHM BOCES Food Service and the Mohawk Valley Farm to School Initiative, has launched a new Harvest of the Month sampling program. Harvest of the Month is a Farm to School initiative that promotes a seasonal, locally grown item each month. A day or two before the Harvest of the Month is listed on the menu each month, the elementary school kitchen staff will prepare a batch of the menu item for volunteers to serve samples to students in the cafeteria. The idea is to encourage the students to try something new and maybe even choose it for lunch later in the week. Below is our sample schedule:

    Menu Item Sample Date Date Listed on Menu
    Zucchini Parmesan September 26 September 27
    Halloween Beans October 30 October 31
    Roasted Cauliflower November 27 November 29
    Asian Cabbage Slaw December 18 December 20
    Butternut Squash Soup January 29 January 31
    Mini Potatoes February 26 February 28
    Honey Carrot Bar March 26 March 28
    Black Bean and Corn Salsa April 23 April 25
    Cheesy Kale Bake May 21 May 23
    Cucumber Yogurt Dip June 4 June 6

    If you would like to join the Farm to School committee, please email us at farmtoschool@ccspta.info You can also help by encouraging your child to try the samples offered! Thank you for your support!