Superintendent's Climate Advisory Team

  • Dear Team Members:


    Below is a draft of the presentation slide deck related to the superintendent's report to the Board of Education regarding the Superintendent's Climate Advisory Team (SCAT).  I will be presenting an update to the Board of Education and public on Tuesday, June 19 using the slide deck.  I want you to know that we may call upon you in the future to assist us with more tactical and operational planning at the district and/or building levels.  At this point, we have focus areas and plan to develop associated plans related to those areas over the summer and next fall.  I have extracted the "Next Steps" from the presentation and pasted them below


    Next Steps

    • Leadership Team Review this Summer
    • Analyze current board goal and consider revision for next school year with action orientation - summer 
    • Adopt associated district level goal - fall
    • Identify district level action - fall
    • Integrate into building level strategic goals - full faculty/staff input - fall
    • Implementation of building and district level initiatives/action - 2018-19 school year and beyond
    • Monitor effectiveness and adjust accordingly - 2018-19 school year and beyond



    Please email Dr. Grimm with questions and/or comments regarding the slides: