Clinton Central School
PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2016

1. Call to order/welcome (24 people in attendance).
  • Meeting called to order by Marie Constantino at 7pm.
2. President's Report (Marie Constantino)
  • Welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for attending.
  • Introduce executive board: Erin Nackley (VP), Eric Stilz (treasurer), Melinda Leising (secretary), Laura Wileczka (membership), and Jackie Walters (communication – not present
  • Intro to PTA. The PTA’s mission is to support/help all children.  CCS PTA is an inclusive group – we welcome everyone.  If you have an idea of something you’d like to do, please let us know. 
3. Business Report
  • Treasurer’s report (see attached)
  • Voted on proposed 2016-2017 budget.
  • Motion to pass budget was made by Eric Stilz and seconded by Erin Nackley. Approved 19-0 (only PTA members can vote).
4. Executive Board Reports
  • VP - nothing to report at this time.
  • Secretary:
    • Box Tops: clip them, get the app, meeting to discuss.  Question about adding contests.  Laura is chairing.  She’s planning on discussing contests at first meeting.  Will put info in upcoming newsletter.
    • Crayon Initiative: good opportunity to volunteer not during school hours
  • Membership:
    • spirit wear due Friday (9/30). Can order online
    • need 3 more memberships to be eligible for NYSPTA award. Got 5 today!
5. Committee Reports
  • School kits – Beth Davis. PTA didn’t make any money. Delivery wasn’t communicated in advance, scrambled to unload and deliver to classrooms but parents appreciated convenience.
  • Faculty First Day Lunch – Marie Constantino. Chance to say hello to teachers.  Event was well-attended.
  • First Day Coffee – Louisa Ruffine.  Utica Coffee donated coffee.  New location in front of school worked well.
  • Welcome Reception – Ann Gale/Barb Owens.  Delay in invites going out but still nice event at library.
6. BOE Report (Courtney Zoller)
  • Summer audit: clean report, no new findings.
  • Finished capital project recently.  Developing next plan.
  • Working on professional development for teachers.
7. Principals' Report
  • Elementary – Ellen Leuthauser (not present)
  • MS – Shaun Carney: Schools to Watch.  National program for middle schools – focus on the students. Need input from parents (PTA). Would like to discuss further at a future meeting.  Only 30 in the state, < 350 nationally.  Marie offered to have the PTA sponsor event to get middle school parents together to discuss.  Shaun thought that sounded like a good idea.
  • HS – Matt Lee (not present)
8. Old Business: none.
9. New Business
  • Amazon Smile.  Clinton PTA gets .5% of eligible purchases.  It's basically “free money” for PTA without fundraising.  PTA gets check quarterly. Go to and search for Clinton Central School PTA and select it. (or click here)
  • Book Fair in October.  There will be a Family Night.  It’s not a fundraiser for the PTA. The school earns “points.” A couple years ago the points were used to purchase the Kindergarten classroom smart boards.  Different from classroom flyers – those earn points for the teacher.  Book Fair earns points for school.
  • Possible new fundraiser with Utica Coffee. We’re not in the business of raising money. If we do it, it’d be to fund new programs/activities for the students.
10. Questions
  • Amy Smith made a plug for getting parents to send her pictures for the yearbook.
  • Speaking for all principals, Shaun said if there are issues, let them know. Example: switched photographer due to issues with quality of middle school photos.
  • Marie and Eric both thanked volunteers. Marie stated meeting attendance is optional and we know everyone has different schedules but we’re happy for any time you can give. Eric mentioned the Done in A Day committee. Those are little time commitments related to specific events or projects. If there’s a particular event you want to help with, contact the committee chair. Committee chairs are listed on PTA page on CCS website.
  • Amy said she talked with DiNicola about a group class photo later in year.  Additional cost.
11. Raffle
12. Meeting Adjourned at 8:02pm.