• Dear Parents:

    I want to follow up with some additional information regarding the lead testing results; specifically, the classroom locations where the lead testing was positive.  In the previous letter and on the phone, I indicated that one of the affected rooms in the elementary school was Mrs. Dawes’ classroom, when it is actually Mrs. Hullar’s new classroom this year.  I also want you to be aware of which classes were in the rooms last year, so here is a list of the room assignments for last and this year in order to provide more clarity :



    2015-2016 (last year)

    2016-2017 (this year)


    Mrs. Labella

    Mrs. Houser


    Ms. Waskiewicz

    Mrs. Hullar


    Mr. Ferrone

    Mr. Ferrone


    Science Lab

    Ms. Metzler


    Again, please call if you have any questions and I will continue to keep you updated.




    Stephen L. Grimm, Ed.D.