• AP European History

    Instructor:  Mrs. Goodelle, Room 109

    E-mail:  ngoodelle@ccs.edu




    Course Description:


    AP® European history is a college-level survey course using a college-level text. It covers the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual, and artistic heritage of Europe. It spans the period from 1450 to the beginning of the 21st century. It expects students to analyze historical evidence and read the analysis of both the primary textbook and of others to recognize trends and patterns over the last 600 years:


    • Interaction of Europe and the world
    • Poverty and prosperity
    • Objective knowledge and subjective visions
    • States and other institutions of power
    • Individual and  society


    This will be an extremely challenging course that will involve a great deal of time management.  You will be required to take the AP European History exam (in early May) as well as the New York State Global History and Geography Regents exam in June, that all tenth grade students must take to meet graduation requirements.  This course will be treated as a college-level course and one of the most important skills that you will need to develop is the ability to take effective notes.  We will spend time, especially at the beginning of the year, on note-taking.  Through this, you will be able to find the best form of note taking for you.  Next is the completion of assigned tasks. This, of course, is expected. Work assigned is work that must be completed. Completion of tasks is a “real world” concern since it has implications in your own personal values and abilities to complete tasks in a work place. Good work habits are essential in a highly competitive world.


    Exams and Exercises:


    Students will be given exams at the end of each unit, roughly one per month.   In order to fit within the allotted length of the class, most will combine 20-30 multiple-choice questions, 2-3 short answer questions and one long essay that will be completed out of class time. The source for the questions will be the released AP Exams from the last twenty years.   Multiple-choice questions are scored in the same manner as the AP Exam and the essay will be graded using the AP’s rubric for the long essay and DBQ. 


    With each chapter, students will be given a guided reading assignment.  This will include all vocabulary for the unit as well as the important questions posed in the chapter.  Students will have at least a week to complete these assignments, if not more.  All vocabulary words should be defined as well as the questions answered.  We will go over the exact format in class.  These will be graded and handed back to the students and all grades will be posted in school tools.  ALL WORK MUST BE TURNED IN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD THAT IT IS DUE.  I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK OF ANY NATURE. 










    Will be point-based.  All assignments including chapter outlines, exams and essays will be out of 100 points.  All students will know the point values of assignments at the time of their distribution.   

    Be On Time.  Be Prepared.  Be Considerate.


    General Policies and Procedures:


    1. Ask questions, voice opinions, and be ready to back opinions with clear evidence.  Relevant participation is encouraged.
    2. Movies and videos will be shown only if they are of good quality and value to the course.  Watch A&E, PBS, and the History Channel if there is relevant material on.
    3. Questions on current events are welcome, especially if you can relate them to the topics being discussed in class.  Try to keep up with news through broadcast and print media.
    4. Use study halls and lunch to work on ongoing assignments (outlines, reading, research, essays, etc) and for make-up work or extra help.
    5. Be on time.  Trips to the restroom or your locker should be completed during class change.  Your class attendance and promptness is part of your class participation grade. 
    6. Be prepared.  Always have your binder, writing utensils, paper, pens and a willingness to learn with you.
    7. Understand that this class is meant to make you ready for future college level courses that you may elect to take.  Misbehavior and lack of focus are unacceptable at this level.  Both students and instructors take this class very seriously and put tremendous effort into it.  Please behave in a manner that shows that you respect this.
    8. Cell phones are not permitted in my classroom.  At the beginning of the year, students will keep them turned off in their backpacks.  Upon installation of the cell-phone holder – students will be assigned a number and will be expected to place their cell phones in their designated spot each class period.  Any students in violation of this policy will be referred to Dr. Lee. 


    Class Materials:


    Each day for class you will be required to bring the following materials to class:


    -One heavy-duty folder

    -Writing utensils (blue or black ink preferred).


    Failure to bring these materials to class each day will result in a loss of points in your class participation grade.