• Global History and Geography 10

    Mrs. Goodelle



    Welcome to Global History and Geography. This packet contains general information that you will need to know for this class. Please read it thoroughly and keep it in your binder.

    Global History 10 is the final year of a two-year course designed to prepare you for the NYS Global History and Geography Regents at the end of this year.  I will do everything in my power to fully prepare you for this exam. I will work hard and I expect you to do the same.

    Classroom Rules

    I truly feel that by the time you are in high school that you all know how to behave and what is expected of you in the classroom. In a few short years you will be on the edge of adulthood. You need to prepare yourself for the “real world” by becoming more accountable for your actions. We all make decisions, and with those decisions come consequences. It is important to keep that in mind each and every day. 


    When you come through the door at the beginning of class you need to have the following things:

    1. Folder (please get one that is durable)
    2. Loose-leaf paper
    3. Writing utensils (blue or black ink preferred)

    If you do not have these three items I will mark unprepared in my grade book for that day. This will count towards your class participation grade.

    I will also not allow students to go to their locker to get their materials. You are responsible for walking in the room with the required materials and under no circumstances will be allowed to leave the room. 

    1. BE POLITE

    By this I mean that when either a classmate or I are speaking, that you give the same courtesy that you would expect by not talking at the same time. I will never interrupt you to talk to someone else, so please don’t do it to me.

    This also means making sure that all comments made in class either to me or anyone else in the room are appropriate. Treat others the way you wish to be treated!


    Cell Phone Policy

    At the beginning of this school year, please keep your cell phones off and in your backpack.  Within the first few weeks, we will be having cell phone holders installed in the classroom.  Each student will be assigned a number and at the beginning of class you must turn your phone off and put it in your assigned space.  If at any point in time a student is caught using their cell phones, it will be an immediate referral to Dr. Lee.  If this is a habitual problem, you will be asked to leave the classroom.   There is a time and place to use cell phones and my classroom is not that place.  We are here to learn in a distraction-free environment. 



    I know that the burning question in everyone’s mind at this point in time is “how am I going to get my ‘A’?” FABULOUS QUESTION!!!! J

                Your grade will be based on a points system.  All assignments will have point values that will be communicated to students at the time of their distribution.  

    Attendance is very, very important to success in this class. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up any work (notes, etc) you may have missed. Under no circumstances will I hunt you down to get the work you missed. If you are absent the day of a test/quiz or the day that either homework or a project is due, it must be completed or handed in the next day that you are in class.



    I do not believe in giving busy work for the sake of doing something.  Each homework assignment that I give you will reinforce a very important topic.  Therefore, it is important that you complete each assignment.  I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE HOMEWORK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  Each day I am expected to be prepared for you in class and I expect the same from you.  If you do not turn in an assignment, you will be given an academic detention and will still be expected to complete it for the sake of obtaining the material, but you will not receive credit.




    The ability to write well is not only important for your academic success but in life as well. Students in GH 10 will be expected to write essays either in or out of class on a regular basis. I expect students to write up to their abilities, using proper English, complete sentences, and paragraph structure for all assignments and tasks. Any plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment without any opportunities to rewrite. Other writing guidelines may be assigned for papers and projects. Essays must be turned in the day they are due and will lose 10 points per day that they are late and will not be accepted after 5 days.  If essays are turned in late, students will receive academic detentions for each day that the assignment is late.    


    In your one subject notebook, you will keep a dictionary. Before each unit begins, I will give you a list of vocabulary words that are extremely important for the unit. It is your job to find the definitions for these words either in class or outside of class. This MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT. This will be counted as a test grade each marking period. KEEP ON TOP OF YOUR WORDS!!!



    I have a website on the www.ccs.edu homepage (under high school, departments, social studies, Mrs. Goodelle). This is only to provide general information and supplement what takes place in the class. On occasion, I will post important notices or needed documents on the site. However, this site is not a substitute for the information that is given in the classroom. Students are responsible for materials, assignments, and instructions given in class.