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    Please Consider Donating to the Clinton Central School District Foundation

    Founded in 1991, the Clinton Central School District Foundation was created to “promote and support excellence in education for students in the district”. Annual fund drives have been conducted since its inception to raise money for distribution to the District. Over $800,000 has been donated to the school to support many projects.  The complete list of gifts to the district can be viewed at https://www.ccs.edu/Page/1913 .  The Hamilton College Town Gown Fund has generously partnered with the CCSD Foundation on numerous projects, as noted in the list.

    In 2019, the Foundation purchased new equipment for the secondary Fitness Center for approximately $ 84,000 and committed funds to purchase new kitchen utensils and equipment for the Consumer and Family Science renovation project in the Middle School.  In addition, in 2019, the Foundation committed $134,000 to provide an integrated, consistent program for grades K-5 English Language Arts for reading, writing and spelling.

    As a result of these many enhancements to the CCS program, families in the Clinton district have been able to see the benefits of the Foundation’s work first hand as their children have experienced the many opportunities that Clinton Central School provides.  

    These projects within our district were made possible through the Foundation, due to the generosity and support of alumni, parents and friends, past and present. Our district can reliably know that every year brings improvements to our schools that we can identify and applaud. 

    At a time of continued fiscal constraints in the district, we can all continue to nurture our schools and community by contributing to the Foundation. Together, a generation of parents, alumni and friends of the district has helped create a program that continues to improve and enrich the educational experience of every child in our district. Please help us continue this tradition for our children and for those who will follow by donating to this great cause today. 

    Contributions can be sent directly to the Foundation at the address below or by PayPal or credit card via our Donate link.

    Clinton Central School District Foundation
    75 Chenango Avenue
    PO Box 215
    Clinton, NY 13323-0215





    The Clinton Central School District Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization. The value of your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by state and federal law


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