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    More ART, PLEASE!
     More opportunities to get creative...

    Middle School & High School Musical Set Painting

    What: Help paint set pieces for the musical sets!
    When: MS usually in late October/early November, HS usually February
          Times and days we paint are dependent on availability of stage, timing of set being built, etc - be flexible and open-minded and see   Mrs. Pape if you are interested!
    What: Compete in small groups in an after school setting - see my OVA webpage!
    When:  Sign-ups are in November - Look for packets in art hall and listen to announcements

    Middle School Art Club

    What: Meet in the art room during lunch to create with other middle school students and plan afterschool art experiences in our            community.

    When: Art club meets biweekly during lunch/rec throughout the year. Listen to morning announcements for reminders. Have a busy schedule? Not a problem. Come when you are available! We are happy to have you join us!