HANDOUTS/HOMEWORK - Assignments in the textbook and review book will NOT be posted here.  What you can get here are fresh copies of the handouts from class in case you've lost yours, or you were absent, or you just want to re-write it more neatly.  On occasion, I may also ask you to print out your own handout for homework, and this page is where you'll find it.


    CHARTS - some of the comparison charts we do in class can be very helpful for studying.  Print out a fresh copy and see if you can fill it in without looking at the one from class.  Then check your work.


    EXTRA PRACTICE - This is not "extra credit".  This is for those who feel they want one more chance to test themselves before the exam.  This is how you make sure you truly know the material and/or you find out what you still need to ask questions about.  If you do this, you won't need extra credit.  There won't always be something here for the chapter we're working on. If I don't have anything, try using Castle Learning instead.