• froggie Mrs. Billard’s Specials Schedule 2014 


    Day 1: Music (Ms. Lopata)music

     Day 4: P.E. (Miss Hillage)   PE 1

     Day 3: Art (Mrs. Hall)                        art

    Day 4: P.E. (Miss Hillage)  

     Day 4: Computer Lab (Mrs. Lillibridge)  lab

    Day 5: Library (Mrs. Crane)   library


    Day 6: P.E. (Miss Hillage)        PE 3                        



    *In the event of a snow day or a day off, the missed day will be the next specials day.  For example, if it is a Tuesday, Day 5, and there is a snow day, Wednesday, the next day, will be a Day 5.                    

    snow day