• First Grade Classroom SuppliesSupplies

    The following items are what First Graders should have with them on the first day of school.  

    Be sure your child’s name is clearly marked on their backpacks and coats and lunchboxes

    1.    Crayons-box of 24

    2.   School supply box – self latching kind (best size about 5” x 8”)

    3.   Scissors-child sized (Fiskars cut the best)

    4.   Four  PLAIN two pocket folders:

             1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 purple-Plain colors only please!

             Pockets should be on the bottom.

    5.   Two composition notebooksWriting

    6. Three ring binder—1/2”

    7. Clipboard

    8. Headphones-please no ear-buds-available at the The Dollar Tree or 5 Below in a labeled Ziploc bag


    The following supplies are needed also and will be for classroom use:

    1. One box of pencils

    2. Pink erasers

    3. Three large glue sticks (solid kind only)

    4. Four tennis balls

    5. Five low odor, fine tip dry erase markers

    6. Regular box of tissues

    A supply you can bring in any size, actually

    the bigger the better, is your SMILE!!2014-2015

    Your child’s class list will be posted on the elementary school

    windows on August 6th,2014 at 2:00.