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  • Our district’s mission is to provide each student with instructional support to foster academic, social, and emotional growth for all students. At Clinton Elementary, we work to meet the needs of all our students.  We are proud to report that Clinton has earned the highest percentage of students proficient on the NYS ELA and Math among all of the schools in our BOCES region.  In ELA grades 3-8, 53% of our students are proficient. Math grades 3-8, 61% of our students are proficient.  Even though these scores are impressive, we still have work to do.  Therefore, we are in the beginning stages of implementing Guided Reading and What I Need Now, or WINN in each classroom.  

    Guided Reading is an instructional approach to teaching reading that involves a teacher working with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can read similar levels of texts.  The goal is to help students develop strategies to apply independently. Work focuses on processes integral to reading proficiently, such as cross-checking print and meaning information, rather than on learning a particular book’s word meanings. During guided reading, teachers monitor student reading processes and check that texts are within students’ grasps, allowing students to assemble their newly acquired skills into a smooth, integrated reading system.

    WINN, What I Need Now, is a daily block of time to address the needs of all the students from intervention to enrichment.  Students are placed in small homogeneous groups to work on targeted skills.  The block of time is an all hands on deck approach.  The instructional team is comprised of the classroom teachers, Math and Reading Specialists, Special Education teachers, and teaching assistants.  

    Teachers work in collaborative teams to build shared knowledge about essential learning and pacing.  They designate a time to deliver first best instruction each day.  They administer common formative assessments and they ask the following essential questions to guide their actions:

    • What do we expect each student to learn?
    • How will we know if they have learned it?
    • How will we respond if they do not learn it?
    • How will we respond if they have learned it?

    In the past, grade levels would have to have lunch and recess at the same time.  The combination of the two grade levels put a strain on the children and the lunch and recess monitors.  The safest and most practical practice is to schedule a lunch and recess time for each grade level within the cafeteria time frame.  Some grade levels will have recess before lunch.  If your child goes out for recess prior to lunch, we will have them clean their hands before they eat.  The following is our lunch/recess schedule:  Lunch Schedule

       Students riding buses are asked to be ready for boarding by 8:00am.  You may see that you will adjust this time as we solidify our routine.  Bus riders are dismissed from class at 3:00 and walkers are dismissed after the buses depart our circle.  The first few days are usually slightly delayed as students learn the procedures.  Cars are not permitted in the front of the school in the morning while buses are present and from 2:00pm until buses leave the school grounds.  Click here for bus routes:   Bus Routes

    If you are a parent of an incoming 4th or 5th grader, enclosed you will find a copy of their NYS ELA and Math results.  If you are a parent of an incoming Kindergarten student, you will find a bus tag that needs to be filled out.  Please have your child wear the tag to school so it is visible to the bus driver and teachers.  

    Whether you are a new Clinton family or a returning family, the year ahead will be a rewarding experience for your child. A commitment toward working with, understanding, and nurturing each and every child are some of the many reasons why Clinton Elementary is such a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

    Communication is the key to success. Please know that you are always invited to schedule a time to meet with your child’s teacher or me to address any questions or concerns. We also like hearing accolades!  

    I look forward to an awesome year with you and your child.

    All the best,

    Ellen Leuthauser

    Elementary School Principal

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