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** Click here for the 2016-2017 Clinton PTA committee descriptions and chair list.
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Art Show (Elementary) Volunteer
Author Visit Chair Volunteer
Book Fair Volunteer
Box Tops Chair Volunteer
Crayon Initiative Chair Volunteer
Done in a Day Volunteer
Faculty First Day Lunch Volunteer
First Day of School Parent Coffee Chair Volunteer
Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale Chair Volunteer
Ice Cream Social Chair Volunteer
Membership Chair Volunteer
PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) Chair Volunteer
School Supply Kits Chair Volunteer
Spirit Wear Chair Volunteer
Square1Art Volunteer
Teacher Appreciation Lunch Volunteer
Utica Comets Game Volunteer
Volunteer Thank You Party Volunteer
Welcome Reception for New Clinton Parents Volunteer
Yearbook (Elementary) Volunteer

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President - Marie Constantino
Vice President - Erin Nackley
Communications - Jackie Walters
Membership - Laura Wileczka
Secretary - Melinda Leising
Treasurer - Eric Stilz